Title: Paper Bag
Artist: Winky D
Album: Paper Bag - Single
Release Date: Nov 2, 2018
Written By: Winky D
Produced By:

About Paper Bag

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Paper Bag is a single by Winky D released on 02 November 2018. The song was premiered on Trace Tv at 08:01 am on 02 November. Winky D announced the single via his Facebook page with a snippet of the video on 31 October 2018. Paper Bag was produced by long time collaborator Oskid.

Paper Bag is a song about hustling and making money. Winky D is celebrating his success and his acumen in business. Winky D is saying that when you see him spending money, know that he deserves it. In the accompanying video he silences critics who have always felt his videos were sub-standard, the video is high budget and is impressive with colorful storyline.

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