Will Enzo Ishall sustain his new found stardom?

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Will Enzo Ishall sustain his new found stardom?

In an industry long dominated by Winky D and Killer there is a new kid on the block. His name is Enzo Ishall and if you don't know he is the man behind the biggest zimdancehall song this year, Kanjiva that has taken the industry by storm. Enzo Ishall's rise had been slowly building up with hits like Chiita Kwacho in early 2018 raising his profile. But until he released Kanjiva nothing had separated him with other rising Chillspot Records like Master H and Bazooker. For a moment it looked it was Bazooker who was the bigger artist and would be the first to achieve mainstream status.

Everything has now changed after Enzo Ishall released Kanjiva which is a dance move popular in Mbare. This has seen the rest of the country captivated by the dance which has had the net effect of catapulting the popularity of the song and the artist.  Enzo Ishall also followed up with another song  Smart Rinotangira Mutsoka which has also gone viral. To probably maximize with his new found success about 5 days he released a video for another song Next Time which featured popular comedian Comic Pastor. The video has also amassed impressive viewership in few days, a whooping  50 000 views on Youtube.

It seems there is nothing stopping Enzo right now. His witty punch lines are next to none. He also got that coolness and star attraction that is difficult to pin point. But amid all the hype I believe his music is not sustainable. The extravagant jokes won't be funny for a very long time and to be honest I have found his music to be just meaningless jokes meant to provoke a reaction. Get me right, I am not dissing the young chanter whom I believe is very talented. Enzo Ishall needs to reinvent himself with the messaging in his songs or he will end up fading like King Shaddy. Fortunately he has proven capable of crafting meaningful songs like he did on Matsimba released a month ago. My parting advice is he should be doing this more for a sustained career.

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