Veteran choral conductor succumb to cholera epidemic

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 Veteran choral conductor succumb to cholera epidemic

Rodwell Christopher Samkange, a veteran choral music conductor has died of the cholera which has rocked Harare and the rest of Zimbabwe recently. The veteran music conductor died at his Glen View home on Sunday and was buried at Zororo Memorial Park cemetery. Samkange was a former teacher and prolific composer. He was 70 years old and is survived by his wife and eight children. His popular compositions include Pfumvu, Chiga Nechiga, Mashabini, Vachigubhu, Wachinja Kapu, Mahunzwepi, Patricia, Hana and Hallelujah. Pfumvu his most popular composition, was recently performed by Chitungwiza Harmony Singers in South Africa at an international festival.

Below is a video of Waddilove High School performing Pfumvu.

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