Tuku surprises random young couple with a free wedding perfomance

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Tuku surprises random young couple with a free wedding perfomance

A young couple in Harare got an unlikely wedding guest at their wedding on 22 September that left them overwhelmed with emotions of joy and gratitude. Sam Nyahunzvi and Mercy Waziya were left speechless after music superstar Oliver "Tuku" Mtukudzi made an appearance at their wedding to give a free performance. The couple were not aware of the performance which had been kept as a secret by the bride's father at the insistence of Tuku. In order to celebrate his birthday Mtukudzi decided he would perform for free at a random young couple's wedding. After spending a day looking for a couple wedding on 22 September 2018 his birthday, Tuku and his team finally found a befitting couple having their wedding in Waterfalls, Harare.

Mtukudzi then arranged with the father of the bride to keep the performance a surprise to the couple and the audience. When Mtukudzi finally made his appearance the crowd went crazy and the couple couldn't hold back their emotions with Mercy breaking down in tears of joy. After pulling themselves together the couple later joined Tuku on stage.

Mtukudzi was turning 66 having been born on 22 September 1952.

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