Tocky Vibes and Ammara Brown stranded in SA

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Tocky Vibes and Ammara Brown stranded in SA

Tocky Vibes and Ammara Brown were left stranded in South Africa  after a promoter had failed to settle their dues as per agreement.

Bokosha, Tock Vibes's manager in an interview with Newsday said the following,

“The promoter failed to pay us our money as promised. Tocky did not perform because of that. We had to use our money for his accommodation and transport. As for other artistes, I do not know and I cannot comment on their behalf,” he said.

Zvakavapano-Mashavave said she was not affected as she had an individual contractual agreement through which she ensured that all her needs were met before she traveled, so she had no problems with the promoter.

“On my side, I cannot complain because things were in order, as my policy is that I do not leave my country before payments [are made] to avoid issues of that sort,” she said.

Ammara’s manager, Tsungi Zvobgo, was not keen to comment on the matter.

“We are not ready to comment as yet. We can only issue a Press release with fuller details later in the day,” she told NewsDay earlier in the day.

The musicians  had performed in Cape Town and the promoter  allegedly disappeared with their money.

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