Someone Had To Do It (SHDTi), Takura drop pure flames [Album Review]

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Someone Had To Do It (SHDTi), Takura drop pure flames [Album Review]

Just when the whole industry was coming to terms with monster hit EP, Relationship Goals released December 2017, Takura has released another album titled Someone Had To Do It (SHDTi). The album is pure flames, once you start listening to it you will need the fire brigade to douse the flames. Once you start listening to SHDTi you will be completely captivated and time will fly without you noticing. It's one of those albums that you won't hit the next button even once.

Takura knows how to keep your attention balancing soulful ballads with the trap ones so skillfully that will leave you begging for more even though the album is very long, the album contains 18 tracks.

Takura has minimum features on this album. Jnr Brown, IAR, Cici  and Rachel Mukaranga are the only ones he collaborated with for a total of 4 tracks out of 18. Takura's SHDTi is a displays raw ambition to succeed which is arguably the main theme of the album. Tracks like Top Top, Chururuka, Ndoda More, Ngoro YeMoto, Mari Ine Mumvuri, Handibvunduke No1, Hona Mandebvu and Ndezveduwo are all about the need to succeed and his achievements.

Takura also touches on love with tracks like I BelongDananai, Chihwitsi CheMoyo, Asiri Tsaga and Ndanga Ndisingazive. Takura dedicates one of the song Moms to his mother. Top Top, Ndanga Ndisingazive and Ndoda More are standout tracks for me. However you are bound to have different favorites because all the songs are very good.

Takura has mastered the art of delivering a perfect album. With his plans of dropping 12 videos off this album, I see Takura breaking into the regional market because of his ability to fuse Shona and English lyrics. This is arguably the best of 2018 because I don't think anyone will produce something like this.

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