Nutty O goes cryptic in the brilliant video [Soja Video Review]

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Nutty O goes cryptic in the brilliant video [Soja Video Review]

Nutty O is one of the hardest working artists right now. I have quite lost count of the number of videos and singles that he has released since the turn of year. His music which is mostly inspirational to the struggling youths has been a constant feature in a lot of music fans' play-lists.

On 27 July 2018 he released visuals for the recent hit song tilted Soja. The video is a well thought piece of artwork. Initially I coudn't understand what he was getting at. To be honest I was expecting a storyline that will have followed someone or a group of people struggling since it was the theme of the song.

However the struggle was not immediately apparent to my eyes until after watching the video a countless times. The video opens up with a person covered in a veil from head to toe. The video proceeds to show a young boy and later after he is grown. The young man that is shown later has a tyre wrapped around his neck and his head covered.

The tyre around the neck is synonymous with necklacing a phenomenon which was infamous in South Africa during the height of xenophobia. Necklacing is whereby victims are made to a tyre around the neck and then are set on fire. It's painful because as the tyre burns it melts onto your body. Nutty O probably used this analogy to show the pain most ghetto youths has to endure to make ends meet.

Nutty O also shows himself working very hard in a workshop which is quite straightforward. However I still don't get the face masks because from history I associate with Ku Klux Clan who covered their faces while murdering black people in the United States of America. They covered their faces so that they couldn't be identified. In this context I don't know what it is supposed to mean.

In conclusion Nutty O has delivered a thought provoking piece of art that will make hit replay a countless times.

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