Mukundu speaks against women who uses sexual abuse claims to settle scores

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Mukundu speaks against women who uses sexual abuse claims to settle scores

Veteran producer Clive “Mono” Mukundu has urged to society to be careful when dealing sexual abuse claims. Mukundu while acknowledging there are real cases of sexual abuse, he feels there are women who uses sexual allegations to tarnish people they might have differences with. Mukundu revealed in Facebook post that he was a victim of such allegations after he had refused a sex offer from an aspiring female artist as payment for production. The said female artist is alleged to have contacted newspapers alleging sexual abuse from a number of men including him. Mukundu urges society not to be quick to pass judgment  but nonetheless cases of abuse must be reported and properly investigated.

“I support the fight against sexual harassment of women of any sort, but every war has sell outs and people who tarnish a good cause, but people these days rush to conclusions if a man is accused of any sexual crime without even hearing his side of the story.

“Even before the case is taken to court, everybody comes guns blazing at him, and worse still, if the woman cries, no one then listens to the accused,” he said.
“In 2016, a female artiste I was recording, who owed me some money, offered me sex. I turned down the offer [and] didn’t take offence, but a few days later, a fellow musician told me that the lady [was taking] a list to take to the newspapers, of men in the music industry, who were demanding sex for favours from her, and my name was on the list.”

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