Mechanic Manyeruke launching new album this weekend

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Mechanic Manyeruke launching new album this weekend

Iconic gospel legend Mechanic Manyeruke is set to launch his latest album on 19 May 2018 at Meakles Hotel in Harare. The album will be titled Dzokororo. The launch is titled ‘An Evening with the Legend’.

Baba Manyeruke has afro jazz superstar Dudu Manhenga to organize the launch. Baba Manyeruke has more than 40 years experience in the music industry and I believe it will reflect on his performances.

Gospel music lovers will be thrilled with news of the new album as many grew up listening to many of Baba Manyeruke's hit songs. However I feel the album and the launch have been poorly marketed. The news of the album and launch should have dominated the newspapers weeks before the actual date. Fans would have had ample time to save and plan for the event. Now with the announcement few days before the date, I fear many prospective customers might fail to make it.

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