Mai Titi demystify HIV in new collaboration with Ricky Fire

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Mai Titi demystify HIV in new collaboration with Ricky Fire

Mai Titi seems to be taking life in stride after posting an emotional video revealing how her ex-husband infected with HIV and also that she was mistreated by his family. Seh Calaz and Mr Fit both recorded songs consoling her in show of support by many in music industry. Mai Titi has turned the negative situation on it's head with her releasing a gospel hit song Higher in which she is saying one should trust in God no-matter the situation.

A snippet of Mai Titi's upcoming song with Rick Fire has also leaked online. In the song Mai Titi revealed that she is not bothered by people who mocks her of HIV status. She even jokingly invites her detractors to collect anti-retroviral drugs (arv) from her. Mai Titi's revelation and acceptance of her status will definitely help in demystifying and destigmatization of HIV given her status as a celebrity.

Mai Titi also featured on another upcoming song by Rick Fire titled Ndinoda Kukuratidza Rudo.

Watch the snippet of Mai Titi's song below.

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