Kanjiva takes the top position but how in this world Mebos comes in at number 24? [2018 ZBC TV Coke Top 50]

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Kanjiva takes the top position but how in this world Mebos comes in at number 24? [2018 ZBC TV Coke Top 50]

Every year on 31 December ZBC TV puts out the top 50 videos of the year as voted by viewers. The annual show is sponsored by Coca Cola and getting the top spot is one of the biggest achievements a Zimbabwe artist can make in year. The top spot is usually rewarded with a cash prize, with last year's winner Winky pocketing around $4500.

2018's edition of the top 50 was announced yesterday with the winner announced early in the morning. Enzo Ishall's breakout hit single Kanjiva was deemed the biggest video of the year. Jah Prayzah's Dzamutsana came second with Baba Harare's The Reason Why coming in third position. Winky D's Dzika Ngirozi came in at 11. While it may be debatable that Kanjiva took the top spot ahead of The Reason Why, the biggest shock of the night is Obert Chari's Mebo coming in at a distant 24.

It's quite shocking considering that Mebo became one of the breakout songs of the year and it has also amazed over 340 000 views organically on YouTube with little publicity and marketing. Without much of the star power and visibilty that all other top artistes had, for Mebo to pull those numbers it had to go viral a testament on how good the song was. Mebo in my mind should be a contender for video of the year not a distant 24 it finds itself in. The voting demographics might have worked against Obert Chari's Mebo, a lot of urban youths might have voted more than once for their favorite songs.

The full Top 50 is below:

NB: Number after song represents the votes the song received

1 Enzo Ishall Kanjiva 17115

2 Jah Prayzah Dzamutsana 17003

3 Reason Why Baba Harare 15925

4 Jah Signal Sweetie 14784

5 ExQ Tsvigiri 14049

6 Killer T Ndamuda 11711

7 Whitney Songbird I See 11655

8 Ammara Brown Svoto 9324

9 Juntal Mutupo 8799

10 ExQ ft Jah Prayzah Pahukama 8225

11 Winky D Dzika ngirozi 7980

12 Gary Tight Ndizarurire 6853

13 Winky D Paperbag 6839

14 Best Masinire Yanaya 6678

15 Trevor Dongo Rega Zviende 6279

16 Freeman Wekwedu 5943

17 Takura Mai Mwana 5439

18 Master KG Skeleton move 4823

19 Buffalo Souljah ft Freeman Hallelluyah 4445

20 Sabastian ft JP Mweya mutsvene 4109

21 Gary Tight Ndiwe 3654

22 Nutty O Simba mukaka 3409

23 Goodchild Fly in summer 2660

24 Mebo Obert Chari 2653

25 Takura Ngoro yemoto 2429

26 AKA Fela in Versace 2275

27 Diamond Platinum ft Omarion African Beauty 2086

28 Trevor Dongo Breakaway 1806

29 Nyasha David Moyo muti 1799

30 Diamond Boys Ft Nutty O Dhukeke 1778

31 Roki Let her go 1218

32 Patoraking Heal de World 1211

33 Jah Prayzah ft Jah Cure Angelo 1078

34 French Montana Famous 896

35 Tahle ft Jah Prayzah Give me more 889

36 Enzo Ishall Matsimba 889

37 Asaph Mambo 875

38 Tamy ft Nutty o Lay it Down 875

39 Coco Master ft Andy Muridzo Guveya 819

40 Maroon 5 ft Cardi B Girls like you 679

41 Tammy Tekere 630

42 Killer T Summer Time 609

43 Drake God’s plan 574

44 Skawara Ndoenda newe 553

45 Sandra Ndebele Lizwile 469

46 Janet Jackson Mad for now 420

47 Tytan Let me fall 378

48 Greatman ft Sulu Pandakazvarwa 364

49 Jah Prayzah ft Patoranking Follow me 336

50 Enzo Ishall Smart inotangira kutsoka 273

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