Jah Signal is the real deal

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Jah Signal is the real deal

If you haven't heard the name Jah Signal, I believe it won't be for long. Very soon he will be the biggest zimdancehall artist in Zimbabwe, yeah I know it's a big statement to make but such is my conviction of the man's talents. Jah Signal for me ticks all the boxes one needs to become a superstar. Firstly he is full of humor and wittiness  with his lyrics very few posses. Take for example on his single Mubako, Jah Signal appear as he is talking about having unprotected sex but in fact he is taking about the progress he has made in the music industry, The wittiness he display will captivate enough for you to listen to his message.

On Kumuroora he puts out the perfect and catchy hook that will captivate you. Also the songs feels like a church hymn which you are too familiar with but can't pinpoint.This makes the song enjoyable and not easy to forget.

Another great attribute which is probably his greatest is his stage performance. His energy and antics on stage will leave you dumb-founded and amazed by his gravity defying acrobatics. The man is full of energy and his performances have left fans begging for more. Many have however accused of being under the influence of drugs a charge he denies.

Judging by his sold out concerts and number of views his music is receiving on Youtube. He is indeed growing in popularity and stature. Jah Signal recently also performed in a sold out show in South Africa which is also an indicator that he is now one step away from the zimdancehall throne.

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