Jah Prayzah snubs the video for his collaboration with Baba Harare

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Jah Prayzah snubs the video for his collaboration with Baba Harare

When high flying Baba Harare dropped his video for Guzuzu one thing stood out, his collaborator on the hit song Jah Prayzah was not in the video. Many in the industry wondered what was really going between the former band mates because surely even though he is the man of the moment, Baba Harare's video would still get more exposure by featuring  Jah Prayzah given his huge following.

A couple of days later Baba Harare gave out an interview to Herald in which revealed that Jah Prayzah refused to be part of the video claiming he no longer participate in "stale" videos. By "stale" Jah Prayzah  was referring to old songs. Guzuzu the song in question was released last year.

Jah Prayzah's manager Keen Mushapaidze also confirmed that they no longer did videos for old songs. He also added that Jah Prayzah was busy otherwise he would have made an exception for his former guitarist.

While maybe Jah Prayzah was probably busy could it be also jealousy creeping on Jah Prayzah given that Baba Harare has grabbed limelight which he was used to hogging alone? It would be interesting to watch their relationship as time unfold.

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