Is Macheso's career on it's way down?

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Is Macheso's career on it's way down?

Sungura legend, Alick Macheso's career does seem to be nosediving to oblivion. The famed guitarist has 10 albums to his name and  has managed to release two albums in the last 10 years. The albums are "Tsoka Dzerwendo", 2016 and " Kwatakabva Mutunhu" in 2012. This has left his most devoted fans distraught and yearning for new material.

Macheso's new album was expected in March 2017 but was shifted to August 2017 and again shifted to March 2018. It's now postponed  to coincide with his 50th birthday and 20th anniversary for Orchestra Mberikwazvo to be held in Chitungwiza. Macheso seems to be struggling with creativity, he is probably finding it difficult to match his high standards.

However Macheso is still the biggest Sungura artist and has got a very loyal fan base. But can they continue being patient ?

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