Hwindi President going on UK tour

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Hwindi President going on UK tour

Zimdancehall sensation Hwindi President,  whose real name is Bessel Mugo Parehwa, will embark on his maiden tour of the United Kingdom this month.The Chitungwiza-bred artiste is part of the star studded line up of a tour dubbed the Madirirano tour which is organised by Simba Chakare of Bodyslam Records.

The tour kicks off in Luton on September 23 and ends in Leicester on September 25 with a family show where children under the age of 12 will have free entrance.

Hwindi President is excited by the tour and told Herald the following:

“I am so excited about the tour and who ever thought I will be flying to UK. I am so honoured and thank the organisers for the great opportunity. It’s been three years since I have been in the industry but a lot of blessings have already come my way. I will take the opportunity to launch my second album. I was inspired by Shinsoman when he did the same. It is a simple thank you to my fans in UK.I appreciate their support so after I deliver a massive performance I will cap it with an album launch.”

The show will include Skimbo, Dj Busta, Killer T, MC Rego, New Generation and Digital One.

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