He flies under the radar but Hillzy is just damn good!

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He flies under the radar but Hillzy is just damn good!

RnB charts maybe dominated by Takura but there is one artist who is equally good, better in my opinion. His goes by the name Hillzy and is based in  Cape Town, South Africa. Hillzy has managed to master the art of delivering effortless lyrics in Shona and English without missing a beat. After discovering him through his monster single Muroora I thought it was only a matter of time before he goes mainstream in Zimbabwe. That has not happened to date, I am not sure why, but it could be the reason that he is putting less effort in marketing his music back home because music is something he is doing part time. Hillzy holds a Bsc Computer Science and Computer Engineering from the Universtity of Cape Town. Also to note is that most of his music is self produced under his other moniker Mr Masinh Productions and it's usually available as free downloads. His real name Hillary Chipunza.

Currently Hillzy is riding on the recently released single Kana Ndinewe.

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