Alick Macheso promising fireworks on Dzinosvitsa Kure

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Alick Macheso promising fireworks on Dzinosvitsa Kure

Alick Macheso is due to launch his new album Dzinosvitsa Kure on 06 June 2018 at Aquatic Complex in Chitungwiza. Dzinosvitsa Kure comes at back of his last album Tsoka Dzerwendo which  was released four years ago.

In an interview with Sunday Mail, Macheso revealed that on the new album he will go it alone on vocals after his last album was criticised for unpolished vocals from the band members he had used as backing vocals. Macheso has also promised superb guitar work produced by veteran guitarists Noel Nyazanda, Devine Muzenda, Mike aka Maikoro and Macheso himself. Veteran producer Bothwell “African” Nyamhondera is working with Arron Tom to make sure the production is on point. The tracklist of the album will be revealed on 15 May.

“Fans have been begging that we produce music like we used to do back in the days. In the last album, ‘Tsoka Dzerwendo’ (2016), I had Twitter (Wilson Meka) on backing vocals and they did not like the outcome. They felt his voice was not yet up to our standards hence I for now decided to do the lead and backing vocals,” confirms Baba Sharo.

“The only other voice that listeners will hear on the album is that of the two chanters on two tracks. They are not singing but just chanting. I have decided to give prominence to my message and instruments on this one. I will try the other guys in my next albums after this one.”

“Waya dzerwendo rwuno hadzina kumira mushe (the guitar sound this time around is unmatched). No one monopolised an instrument as we all took turns on the lead, rhythm and even bass guitar."

Videos of Macheso sampling the album at a show have also found their way online. You can watch the videos below.

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