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First Name: SAMKELO
Surname: HADEBE
Date of Birth: Aug 24, 2000
Place of Birth: South Africa
Hometown: Pietermaritzburg
Current City: Imbali unit 3


Samkelo is a poet who was born in KwaZulu-Natal, in the city of choice (Pietermaritizburg). He started writting poems when he was in grade 7. He was given the name S.H.O which stands for Samkelo Hadebe Oliqhawe when he first recited his poem titled TYMER ELINGA THAYIMILE. Which spoke about absent fathers. The poem had a strong message behind it when it comes to people who are abandoned by their father. The poem wasn't that long the length of the poem was 1 page (1:23). He then named himself IMBONGI ESAFUNDA because of the duration of the poems he wrote. He started attending the studio in Nchanga to release singles. His producer Lindo inspired him daily by saying ''do not worry about the age of the people you look up to, delivery is the key'' that made Samkelo a poet who wants to write more. Samkelo started bunking school when he found out that there are poetry sessions every Friday at the Library. That didn't seem to be a good idea for him. His class teacher said ''dont ever let your self be influenced by the negativity,what ever u do now shall meet u in future''. Samkelo took the teachers words as words to live up to. The story of bunking ended up as history. He is now doing grade 12 at Alexander High School and spends his spear time writting and reciting poetry. The only goal that left for him to achieve is to perform in every stage of life as he is looking forward towards working with other poets. for bookings please whatsapp 0611571796