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Stage Name: QuezGot 808's
First Name: Sanqez
Surname: (Quez)
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Greenville, South Carolina
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Current City: Orlando, Florida

QuezGot 808's's Biography

QuezGot 808's uses the computerized sound workstation, FL Studio alongside specially introduced VST modules to make his beats. All of QuezGot 808's beats have a particular mark sound that he adds on the vast majority of beats . He utilizes tape stops , Dj scratches and glitchy impacts .QuezGot 808's is known for his slamming hard hitting 808 kicks , fresh  drums  and his crazy quick claps. QuezGot 808's uses a midi console on the entirety of his beats .QuezGot 808's uses a signature tag on a large number of the tunes. His primary tag is an Asian ladie saying his name gradually and afterward chuckles toward the end as it reverberates and blur. His second tag is fundamentally the same as  it's an Asian ladies saying his name as she continues to chuckle contrastingly .



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