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Stage Name: Killer T
First Name: Kelvin
Surname: Kusikwenyu
Date of Birth: Nov 30, -0001
Place of Birth: Mbare, Harare
Hometown: Harare
Current City: Harare

Killer T's Biography


Kelvin Kusikwenyu was born on 10 January 1990 in Mbare, Harare. His stage name is Killer T. Killer T is also known  as the "The Chairman" to his legions of fans. Killer T lost his parents as a child and grew up being looked by his elder brother in the high density of Harare called Mbare. He attended St Peter's Primary School and later George Stark High School for his secondary education.

Music Career

Killer T used to sing as a kid with his young brother who was nicknamed Temptation. He actually got his name Killer T from a combination of Killer which was a nickname that he got from his elder brother and T from Temptation which was the nickname of his younger brother.

Killer T is also famous for his signature slogan "Popopo", which he reportedly is inspired by Mbare's famous robber Boris Mushonga's funeral where police fired gunshots and made several arrests. People later coined the term to describe the situation.

Before the music career, Killer T used to be a commuter omnibus conductor plying City-Mbare route. Killer T recorded music as a hobby and also a way of just comment on social issues that was affecting the youth in Mbare- one of most impoverished suburbs of Zimbabwe. He started taking music seriously after noticing that his music was gaining popularity among urban youth.

He rose to national prominence with his monster hit song Makarova Ganaz which in English means "You beat soldiers". Killer T continued to rise in prominence with the release of follow up hit singles Suspects, Mwanasikana, Pamakati and many others. 2015 was his best year that saw him release his best album, Ngoma Ndaimba so far the included hits like Ita Ndione, Tavakudawo Kumbofarawo and Maisafanira Kundirega. Ngoma Ndaimba was played everywhere from weddings, commuter omnibus, bars and other gatherings. The album saw him scooping at Zim Dancehall awards that were held in March, 2016.

February 2016 saw Killer T introducing live band joining Winky D and Tocky Vibes as Zimdancehall artists using live band during their live performances.


Killer T is known for his positive social commentary which is quite exemplary considering most of artists who sing Zimdancehall's messages are unsavory, ranging from justfying marijuana use, statutory rape and  violence. Killer T's positive social commentary can be witnessed on  Kukosha kweChikorobho where he talks of young man who ends up in trouble because he doesn't listen the advise of his elders.

He vowed to remain in Mbare despite his growing success, high levels of crime and poverty citing that if he move away he will lose focus and creativity as he draws inspiration from his surroundings in Mbare. Killer T's love for Mbare is evident in his music where  occasionaly proudly says "Kumatapi ndokuZion" meaning Kumatapi, a section on Mbare is his home. His positivism has made him a hero youth look upto in Mbare and other high density suburbs of Zimbabwe. 


2014 Zimdancehall Awards

  • (Won) Best Upcoming artist
  • (Nominee) Artist 2013 MALE
  • (Nominee) Best Collaboration (Pamakati ft Shinsoman)

2015 Zimdancehall Awards

  • (Won) Most Popular Artist In The Ghetto Award
  • (Nominee) Zimdancehall Ambassador Award
  • (Nominee) for Best Live Performer Award

2016 Zimdancehall Awards

  • (Won) Best Artist 2016 (Male)
  • (Won) Best Collaboration with Fungisai Zvakavapano for the song Vanondibatirana
  • (Won) Best Album for his 2015 Album Ngoma Ndaimba
  • (Won) Best Social Message for Chikorobho (tied with Seh Calaz)
  • (Nominee) Song of the Year for Toda Kumbofarawo (won by Wnky d's Disappear)
  • (Nominee) Best Conscious Song for Kumanikidzira Rudo (won by Seh Calaz's Amai)
  • (Nominee) Zimdancehall Ambassador (won by Freeman)


In February 2014 , Killer T was chosen as a brand ambassador for Chicken Inn which saw him appearing in the brand's radio and television commercials. The deal was for 1 year and it represented a major coup for a Zimdancehall artist to be associated with a major brand given negativity around the Zimdancehall genre.


Killer T courted controversy in late 2015 after his reportedly underage girlfriend Mitchell Kambanga (Mimi) was involved in a fatal accident coming from Hot Property studios where she was with Killer T and others. She died  after hitting electricity power line while driving along Gleneagles Road on her way home. She was unlicensed and also reportedly drunk. Killer T refuted allegations that he was dating her saying she was an avid fan who followed his music closely and sometime came to studio sessions.

Rumors also spread that he had raped a  girl, which he responded with a song Makazviwana Kupi.



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