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Stage Name: Bornfire Dube
First Name: Evans
Surname: Marwah
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Masvingo Province
Hometown: Masvingo
Current City: Polokwane

Bornfire Dube's Biography

Reggae cum dancehall music virtuoso Bornfire Dube  was born as Firstborn Evans Marwah in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe . At a tender age, he became a staunch fan of the late South African reggae maestro Lucky Dube.  The spiritual Rastafarian music and the lifestyle of the fallen legend  inspired him  to idolize Dube. By the age of 14, he beard dreadlocked hair, produced, wrote and composed his own soulful reggae songs for stage performances.  He also  changed his artistic name to Bornfire Dube.  Since then made it to greater heights as he performed his reggae and dancehall songs in different parts of the African continent. Lately, Bornfire decided to record  his first and probably the last album as a tribute to his icon Lucky Dube. <o:p></o:p>