Artist: Papa Vero and Nyamhunga Boyz
Title: Barika Ihondo
Release Date: Mar 1, 2018
Written By:
Produced By:

About Barika Ihondo


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The Nyamhunga Boys traditional music group was founded by Guyson “Papa Vero” Mlambo, a military trainee  who was born as Chenjerai Chiomo Mlambo on the 27th of December 1986 on what is colloquially called Chiwaya farm, in Chipinge district, near Southdown and Ratleshoek tea estates, just along the Zimbabwe – Mozambique border.

In 2016 Guyson revived the idea of telling the world his stories through music and as a result Papa Vero & The Nyamhunga Boys group was born. Unfortunately the group was shunned by producers as they could not understand their language or the style of music they wanted to record. In 2017 the local community radio presenter Sammy Dollar attempted to record the group but communication was difficult and he referred the group to Jimmy Moshidi of Kokoto Produxionz. After listening to their demo tracks, Moshidi advised the group to do the genre which they can do best without compromising message, thus traditional music. He took sometime mentoring the group and as a result the smash hit Barika Ihondo was recorded through the guidance of Moshidi and producer Evans “Bornfire” Marwah.


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